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H-2 Lamaran

Sooo excited yet starting to have butterflies in my tummy! Hihihi Let me tell you the latest preparation of my engagement. In Javanese tradition, or maybe in most Indonesian traditions, there's a culture called seserahan . It symbolizes the goodwill from the man to her wife-to-be, that he will provide his wife with things she needs. And in some traditions, the woman also replies by giving the same (doesn't have to be exact) stuffs called angsul-angsul . These are my angsul-angsul for him:  Watch, socks  Cookies Shirts, belt Besides, we're also preparing stationeries made by ourselves :) Love how he said to me about his feelings, nervousness, and trying to memorize his speech for the engagement. Imagine how tight I'll hug you if I could , Mas <3 And yesterday my house has been started to be decorated. The color combo is so lovely!! Hope everything goes well! *fingercrossed*